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Wisdom Teeth Porter Ranch


Do you need your wisdom teeth removed? Find out today!

Everyone has different sets of teeth and molars in their mouth. The molars, in particular, are thicker teeth that chew and grind food better than any of your other teeth. There are three sets of molars in every mouth, but the wisdom teeth are the least important. You may want to consider getting your wisdom teeth removed in Porter Ranch before they cause you problems.

What are Wisdom Teeth? 

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars way in the back of the top and bottom arches of your mouth. They are also the last set of adult teeth to grow in your mouth, usually between ages 17 and 25. 

Wisdom teeth are not required to chew correctly and healthily. The wisdom teeth function is relatively meaningless for chewing purposes because you can still chew with the other molars closer to the front of your mouth. 

So why should you remove them? Unfortunately, wisdom teeth can increase your chances of developing oral health problems if they don’t get removed sooner rather than later in your life. 

Here are the benefits of removing wisdom teeth at our clinic in Porter Ranch:

1) Lower Risk of Oral Disease and Cavities

Keeping your wisdom teeth can increase your chances of developing teeth cavities, gum inflammation, and oral disease because they trap plaque and bacteria more than any other teeth. Once you develop these oral health problems, they are extremely challenging to treat. 

Removing wisdom teeth can prevent you from developing severe oral disease and painful cavities in your mouth.

2)Prevent Harm to Nearby Teeth 

Wisdom teeth often grow misaligned, causing them to grind up against neighboring teeth. The grinding could strip the enamel from these teeth and leave them more susceptible to bone loss and cavities. 

Wisdom teeth removal is the only way to stop the grinding from happening. Then you can preserve the safety of your neighboring teeth.


3)Reduce or Prevent Headaches 

Did you know wisdom teeth can cause headaches? Since they put uneven tension and pressure on the jawbone, the stress from chewing foods could spread to your neck and eventually to your head. 

Removing your wisdom teeth will relieve this pressure from your jawbone and alleviate your headache problem.

4) Difficult to Treat 

Since wisdom teeth are way in the back of the mouth, they are the most difficult to treat when infected. And it certainly doesn’t help that plaque and bacteria build up faster on wisdom teeth than on any other teeth in the mouth. Therefore, you are much better off removing your wisdom teeth before they get infected. 

5) Prevents Jawbone Damage and Infections 

Tumors, cysts, and infections can develop in the jawbone if wisdom teeth don’t get removed. What’s worse is the infection and bacteria could spread to other areas of your mouth and possibly even to organs within your body. Then you’ll have much bigger problems beyond the wisdom teeth. 

It is best to remove your wisdom teeth to preserve and protect your overall health. The risk of keeping your wisdom teeth is too severe to ignore.

Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQs 

Most people grow anywhere from 1 to 4 wisdom teeth by the time they reach 24 years old. However, some lucky people out there never grow wisdom teeth at all. If you are not sure whether you have wisdom teeth in your mouth, get an oral examination at our dental facility in Porter Ranch. We can determine whether you have wisdom teeth and if they should get removed.

Dentists and oral health experts recommend removing your wisdom teeth to avoid affecting the other teeth around them. Wisdom teeth are known for growing at odd angles and interfering with the alignment and health of surrounding teeth. 

In addition, wisdom teeth trap more plaque and bacteria than any other set of teeth. Then you will develop several unpleasant wisdom teeth symptoms. So you would be wise to get your wisdom teeth removed to avoid these problems.

Experts say primitive humans needed their wisdom teeth to chew tougher foods in the wild. But now that we live in a society where forks and knives are used, we can cut our foods to make them easier to chew. So we no longer need to depend on our wisdom teeth.

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Porter Ranch

Are you interested in getting your wisdom teeth removed in Porter Ranch? Would you like additional information on why this is important? Contact us today to learn more.

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