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Laughing Gas Dentist Porter Ranch – Nitrous Oxide


Have a pain-free and stress-free dental visit

Dentists typically administer local or general anesthetics for pain management during most dental procedures. However, these anesthetics don’t relieve the emotional nervousness or anxiety certain patients may feel beforehand. That is why dentists will offer their patients the option to receive laughing gas for relaxation purposes.  

What is Laughing Gas?

The scientific name for laughing gas is nitrous oxide; an optional sedative gas agent used to calm patients if they feel anxious about a particular oral procedure, such as tooth extractions or dental fillings.

Our laughing gas dentist in Porter Ranch can offer you a laughing gas sedative before performing our dental procedures. First, a breathing mask will get put over your face. Then, you’ll inhale a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide to receive the sedative effect. It is fast, simple, and effective.

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Benefits of getting oral sedation with laughing gas at our Porter Ranch office:

1) Easy to Relax

Ultra nervous patients with dental phobias are prime candidates to receive laughing gas. Nitrous oxide works quickly to make patients feel calmer and more relaxed. It will happen literally within seconds after inhaling the gas. 

2) No Downtime

Nitrous oxide wears off rather quickly, so you won’t have any downtime to worry about after consuming laughing gas for a dental procedure. You can go back to doing your normal daily activities. 

3) No Needles

If you don’t like needles, you will be happy to know that administering nitrous oxide doesn’t require the use of any needles. All you have to do is breathe in the gases from a breathing mask put over your nose and mouth.  


4) Safe for Children

Nitrous oxide is safe for children to consume because dentists mix a certain amount of oxygen with nitrous oxide to make it safe for them. Since children often feel the most anxiety at dental offices, laughing gas is the perfect solution. 

5) High Success Rate

Laughing gas has been administered to more than two billion dental patients worldwide. It is a safe and effective sedative because the dentist closely monitors the gas quantity administered to prevent overconsumption.   

Laughing Gas Frequently Asked Questions

Laughing gas is 100% optional. It is only recommended to patients if they feel extreme anxiety before a dental procedure. Talk with your dentist about it if you have any questions.

Most patients experience zero side effects from laughing gas. However, some patients may experience minor side effects if they inhale the laughing gas too quickly. These side effects include fatigue, sweating, and nausea.

We recommend you don’t get laughing gas at the dentist while pregnant because studies show it could risk damaging the fetus. Instead, your laughing gas dentist will recommend alternative dental treatments or more natural ways to relieve anxiety. 

Of course, if the dental issue is not an emergency, you could always wait until after the baby is born to get the procedure.  

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