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Is a root canal necessary? Schedule your appointment today to find out!

Sensitive teeth are often the result of deep cavities or cracked teeth. They can cause you to feel pain and discomfort, especially when consuming hot or cold foods or beverages. 

If you have a damaged tooth, chewing pain, or tooth sensitivity from hot or cold temperatures, you may need to get a root canal at our Porter Ranch office. 

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a sophisticated dental treatment designed to repair a severely infected or damaged tooth. Every tooth has a white enamel surface layer, a hard dentin middle layer, and a soft underlayer called the pulp. If the pulp gets infected, the surrounding nerves and blood vessels are affected.

If the dentist believes the tooth can get saved, they will recommend a root canal rather than a tooth extraction. The root canal aims to remove the infected pulp material to save the tooth. A fully matured tooth doesn’t need the pulp because the surrounding nerves and blood vessels are there to nourish it. 

Are you thinking about getting a root canal in Porter Ranch? Contact us today and schedule your root canal exam.

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Getting a root canal in Porter Ranch could be the best solution for relieving your tooth pain and preserving your oral health.

Benefits of a root canal for patients with one or more decayed or infected teeth:

1) Saves Your Teeth

A severely decayed tooth doesn’t always mean you have to pull the tooth. Sometimes a root canal can save your tooth and restore your natural smile. Then you can avoid costly dental implants and dentures in the future. 

2) Pain Relief

An abscessed, infectious, or damaged tooth will cause significant pain and discomfort. A root canal procedure will remove the painful pus and bacteria to save your tooth and eliminate your pain and discomfort. 

3) Stops the Spread of Infection

The accumulation of bacteria in a tooth cavity could lead to a pulp infection. If the bacterial infection is not removed from the tooth quickly, it could spread to other teeth.

A root canal will remove the bacteria before other teeth get infected. 


4) Restore Tooth Functionality

An infected tooth offers limited functionality because of the pain and sensitivity felt. So if you repair the tooth and eliminate the pain, your tooth will function normally again. You’ll be able to go back to chewing your favorite foods and drinking your favorite beverages. 

5) Preserves Jawbone Health

If you wait too long to get the root canal, the bacteria will spread to your jawbone and cause it to deteriorate slowly. The risk is even higher if you get a tooth extraction rather than a root canal because a missing tooth will create an easy passage for bacteria to get to your jawbone.

A root canal will save your tooth and prevent the bacteria from infecting the jawbone. Then you can preserve your jawbone health without worrying about damaging it.

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Root Canal Frequently Asked Questions

If you have tooth pain or sensitivity that doesn’t go away, you should have a dentist examine your mouth. They will determine whether a root canal is an appropriate next step for treating the problem.

The average root canal procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes. However, it could take up to 90 minutes in more extreme cases.  

The cost of root canal services depends on which tooth gets the work. The price range is typically between $600 and $1,500 without dental insurance. But if you have dental insurance, it should be much less.  Contact us today to see if you need a root canal.

Is a Root Canal Necessary for You? Find Out Today!

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