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Tooth Extraction Porter Ranch


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Looking for tooth extraction in Porter Ranch? Our amazing dentists at Porter Ranch Dental Studio are ready to help! Tooth extraction is not always required, but can sometimes be the best option for oral health. Common reasons for getting a tooth removed include:

  • A child’s baby tooth won’t fall out on its own
  • Tooth infection or abscess
  • Wisdom teeth are uncomfortable or causing problems for your other teeth
  • Excessive tooth decay
  • Crowded teeth
  • Severely chipped tooth
  • Preparation for braces

A qualified dentist at our Porter Ranch office can determine whether you need a tooth extracted after an oral examination of your mouth. 

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is an oral surgical procedure to remove an entire tooth from its socket. Our dentist or oral surgeon will perform the outpatient procedure at our office in Porter Ranch.

The process begins with an initial oral exam to determine the health status of the teeth and gums. X-rays will allow the dentist to study the bone density levels in your mouth while looking for signs of tooth and gum damage. Based on their findings, they will plan which teeth need to get pulled.

Here are four benefits of getting a tooth extraction

1) Prevents Further Tooth Decay – Stops the spread of plaque and bacteria in the mouth to avoid further tooth decay.

2) Fix Teeth Overcrowding – Stop overcrowding teeth causing other teeth to become misaligned. 

3) Relieves Pain and Discomfort – Eliminate a painful or comfortable tooth from your mouth and start feeling better again. 

4) Simple Aftercare – The aftercare for tooth extraction procedures is not complicated. You just have to rinse your mouth with an antimicrobial mouthwash a few times daily and keep the extraction site clean.

It is better to get a tooth extraction sooner rather than later. If you have an infected or damaged tooth, you shouldn’t wait too long to remove it. Otherwise, you may need a bone graft tooth extraction or another complicated oral surgical procedure. 

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Porcelain Veneers Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of tooth extraction procedures depends on whether it is a regular tooth extraction or a surgical tooth extraction. If it is a standard tooth extraction, the tooth extraction cost is around $65 to $300 per tooth. But if you are getting a surgical tooth extraction, the cost is about $125 to $650 per tooth. 

A broken tooth extraction procedure may have a slightly higher price because it is a more complex removal process. Expect the cost to be between $175 and $750 per broken tooth. 

Tooth extraction healing will leave the removal site looking dark red initially. As the site continues to heal, you may see white jelly-like tissues forming there. Bleeding may persist within the first 24 hours of the tooth extraction, but it will eventually stop after a blood clot forms in the socket. 


The dentist or oral surgeon will advise you to wait for 2 to 3 days before resuming your normal daily activities. However, the soft tissue around the site will need up to 4 weeks to completely heal. But you’ll still be able to resume your normal lifestyle after the initial three days. 

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