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Dentures Porter Ranch

Dentures Porter Ranch

Having a beautiful smile is essential in today’s world and it is difficult to feel confident if your smile isn’t what you want it to be.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are a set of artificial teeth that you can remove and install in your mouth freely. Sometimes you may get partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth or complete dentures to replace all your missing or pulled teeth. It depends on how many missing teeth are in your mouth. 

Tooth loss is a shared experience by many people. It can happen due to accidental damage, health issues, or oral hygiene neglect.

In either case, you need to talk with a dentist and learn about the options available for replacing your missing teeth. One of the most affordable options is to get dentures.

dentures porter ranch ca

Benefits of replacing your missing teeth with dentures: 

1) Custom Made for Your Mouth

Dentures are customized to accommodate the size and shape of your mouth to ensure a comfortable fit. Furthermore, the artificial teeth are made to resemble your natural teeth, so no one will be able to tell the difference. 

2) Improves Your Smile and Appearance 

Restore your smile whenever you want by putting your dentures in your mouth. Then you can regain your confidence and gorgeous white smile before interacting with people. In addition, the dentures will also reduce facial skin sagginess and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  

3) Helps to Prevent Gum Disease 

Dentures replace missing teeth and the gaps between your natural teeth. This comes in handy when you eat because it prevents food particles and bacteria from entering your root canals and causing an infection. 

As a result, you have a reduced chance of developing gum disease when you have dentures in your mouth while eating and drinking. 

4) Easy to Clean 

Removable dentures are easy to clean because you don’t have to reach inside your mouth with floss and a toothbrush to scrub them. Instead, you can take the dentures out of your mouth and clean the artificial teeth up close. It is so much easier to remove food particles and stains when you can look at your dentures without using a mirror. 

5) Affordable 

Most people wonder how much do dentures cost. Fortunately, you can find affordable dentures whether or not you have dental insurance. But if you do have dental insurance, then your carrier will most likely cover a significant portion of the cost of dentures. 

Partial dentures for one arch of your mouth cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. Complete dentures for both arches will cost more than $1,000. These are the lowest prices you’ll find for dentures. 

However, additional oral surgeries and higher-quality dentures may be needed. If so, they will cost significantly more money. Our dentist will explain more about this to you upon your visit.

Make Your Appointment 

Porter Ranch Dental Studio offers affordable dentures and implants to patients in Porter Ranch, California, and areas around Los Angeles. Contact our office to make an appointment to receive an oral examination and consultation. Our dentist will determine whether you’re a prime candidate to obtain dentures.

Questions about dental implants

Dental insurance coverage for implants varies widely depending on your provider and policy. While some dental insurance plans may offer partial coverage for implant procedures, many consider implants to be elective and may not provide any coverage at all. We will help you navigate what your insurance covers.  Contact us to schedule a denture consultation.

Dental implants are designed to be a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth, and with proper care, they can last a lifetime. The lifespan of dental implants depends on various factors, including your oral hygiene habits, overall health, and lifestyle factors such as smoking.

On average, dental implants have a success rate of over 95% after ten years, making them a durable and reliable option for tooth replacement. Regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene practices are essential to ensuring the longevity of your dental implants.

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